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AIKO Flower Design Studio

Aiko Flower Design Studio is located in Kichijyoji, Tokyo. Aiko Shimura, the representative of the floral decoration studio, learned ethic, had trainings and studied under Mr. Paul Wegener and Mrs. Ursula Wegener in Weihenstephan, Germany. After that she studied horticultural science at Berkshire College.
She was designated a designer, and got a gold prize in the displays category at the Nippon Flower Designers' Association (NFD) Top Designer’s Contest in 1996 and in 1997. It is one of the highest honors for all Japanese floral designers to be a designated designer at the contest.
She participated in many contests. For example, Shanghai Friendship Floral Design Contest, China-Japan friendship Floral Design Contest, Taiwan-Japan friendship Floral Design Contest, World Association of Flower Arrangers (WAFA) World Flower Show in Glasgow, United Kingdom, WAFA International Seminar and so on.
She had worked for Tokyo Scientific Information Business College as a head instructor, and now she teaches at Aiko Flower Design Studio.

Mother's Day on May 10th is around the corner. Aiko Shimura produced gift flower baskets for Mother’s Day in 2009. A limited release of 50 flower baskets is now on sale!!
The flower basket will be delivered with Aiko Shimura’s original autograph plate with a message.

She is a instructor of IFD association headquarters, NFD headquarters / a Shihan of Sogetsu Ikebana School / a Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare certified vocational training instructor of the first grade floral designer / a judge of NFD qualifying examination.
Aiko Flower Design Studio is located on the corner of Kichijyoji St(main street of Kichijyoji)and Inokashira St, and its classroom is glassy bright salon style room. This trustworthy proven studio provides classes for everybody from beginners to experts. Please contact the studio for details.

Coffret Aux Fleur
Floral Arrangement(dome)
Floral Arrangement(violoncello)
Clochette de Verre
GARE Replica YC-806
6 egg cases
GARE Replica YMG09P
GARE Replica 8355/D
GARE Replica YC-GS1
GARE Replica YC-604
GARE Replica YC-801
GARE Replica YMG01

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