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Desert Rose

Dessert Rose is a silver & gold accessory shop in Kichijyoji, Tokyo. All accessories designed by Taiyo Miyabe are very popular because of his sophisticated ideas.

Taiyo Miyabe was born to Japanese parents who headed up a drama group in Hachijyo Island, Tokyo. His father used to make masks and props, and his mom used to make costumes for theatricals. He acted on stages combined with folk dances and Japanese drums with his family in his childhood.

He started teaching himself toreutics in 2001; at the same time he got engaged in opening Dessert Rose.
The accessories designed by him are unique, but many people admire his designs since it’s easy for everyone to fit.

He had a private exhibition of his art works at gallery EGG in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo in 2004. The exhibition brought him to start new jewelry lineup named “Sinla”. Its theme is relationships between Human and Nature.
In 2008, he started another new lineup named “Garden” which theme is spiritual richness and growth hoping to make gardens in people’s spirit bloom.

RainbowMoonStone SilveRing2
RainbowMoonStone SilveRing3
IncaRose SilverRing
Aquamarine SilverRing
Pearl SilverRing
RedTigerEye SilverRing
Ruby SirverRing-Rope
Parl Silver PendantNecklace 40cm Silver chain set
Amethyst SilverPendant Necklace Tear 45cm silver chain set
Amethyst SilverPendant Necklace Flower 40cm silver chain set
RainbowMoon StoneSilver PendantNecklace 45cm silver chain set
BlackStar SilverPendant Necklacers 45cm silver chain set
Charoite SilverPendant Necklace 50cm silver chain set
Turquoise SilverPendant Necklace 45cm silver chain set

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